A QA Engineer’s reflection on his internship at Oradian

We spoke to Jeong Moon, Quality Assurance Engineer Intern and student at San Jose State University who relocated from San Jose, California two months ago to join Team Oradian at our Zagreb headquarters.

What makes working here unique?

The first thing that makes working at Oradian unique is the international and open-minded culture. There’s an environment for respecting different perspectives, which makes me comfortable to work with all Oradian team members.

Second – it’s a cooperative environment. I can discuss, get advice and hear different opinions from colleagues on any problem that I’m facing. I get to participate in discussions and solve problems. Not only does this type of environment boost my learning experience, it also makes me enjoy working with others.

Lastly, I get to experience a real agile environment through daily ‘scrum meetings’, where changes are applied to the entire team.

It’s pleasant to see how what I learned at university really applies to the industry. The work is serious, but everyone is enthusiastic about it.

What did you learn at Oradian that wouldn’t have been possible to learn in a classroom?

At Oradian, you don’t belong to a big department or team such as front end programming, infrastructure or quality assurance. You get to work with members of other teams to form a functional team for different goals. The detailed team structures and cross-functional teams are a few things I wouldn’t have been able to learn about in a classroom.

What’s one way that you developed professionally that you didn’t expect?

The quality assurance class I took at university mostly focused on testing terminology or writing different test cases rather than doing actual testing or applying existing tools into the testing.

At Oradian, I got to use technical tools and applications for automated testing of the actual product, Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system, Instafin. Tools such as WebDriver IO, Selenium and Mocha were never discussed in the classroom.

By working on multiple test-cases, not only did I get familiar with using these tools, but I also learned how to be a better QA engineer – for example, how to write code in a more reusable and readable manner.

What attracted you to apply to an internship at Oradian’s HQ in Zagreb?

Honestly, a personal reason – the fact that my girlfriend lives here encouraged me to apply for the internship at Oradian’s headquarters in Zagreb. Previously, I built web grocery apps and I wanted to gain more experience by doing an internship at a web app company.

Interested in joining Oradian’s growing team?

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