A typical day as a Financial Inclusion Expert at Oradian

Pauline Polleux, Financial Inclusion Expert, joined Oradian’s headquarters in July 2018. We learned about her background in financial inclusion, what her work comprises on a typical day, as well as her acclimatisation to our company culture and Zagreb.

Where are you from and what is your educational and professional background?

I come from France, close to the Alps and the Côte du Rhône wine productions. For the last three years, I was working for a microfinance bank network, mainly in Africa. There I got a 360-degree perspective of the opportunities to boost financial inclusion and impacts of microfinance. Before that, I was working as a financial auditor in Luxembourg, where I strengthened my financial background.

What attracted you to apply to a job at Oradian’s HQ in Zagreb?

Working for Oradian is not only about working for a Software-as-a-Service or financial inclusion company, it’s more about building partnerships with different financial institutions and growing together. Oradian’s cloud-based core banking solution offers institutions best practices, new industry trends and know-how.

Oradian aims to enhance financial inclusion, strengthen processes and enable better decision-making for our customers. We want to help financial institutions improve their operational efficiency so that they can serve more end-clients. This way, we work together to offer financial services to the unbanked.

What does a typical day as a Financial Inclusion Expert look like at Oradian? 

My first steps as a Financial Inclusion Expert are mainly working on understanding our core banking system, Instafin. I analyse our customers’ workflows and operations and work with different departments to design and align our functionalities with industry best practices. All this is to enhance our customer experience and help our customers deliver their financial services more efficiently and transparently.

What makes working at Oradian unique? How does this experience differ from your previous jobs?

The dynamic culture here at Oradian makes it easy to integrate. There’s an atmosphere of sharing and brainstorming ideas with each other. With so many different backgrounds, I learn something new everyday, and there are so many inspiring interactions going on. The joyful atmosphere and interactions help us come up with out-of-the-box ideas more easily!

What’s one thing about living in Zagreb/Croatia that you didn’t expect?

After only one month in Zagreb, I have this feeling of cosiness… The city is quite nice and I enjoy walking in the streets filled with so many coffee shops and bars.

Oradian’s multicultural team

Oradian is a team of experts from a unique combination of industries: microfinance, financial inclusion, and technology. We are a global company with teams working in Zagreb, Croatia and in-market where our customers work. We represent 30 nationalities, brought together by our financial inclusion mission.