A typical day as a Training and Support Specialist at Oradian

Recently we spoke to Marie-Amelie Roland Acosta to find out what a typical day as a Training and Support Specialist looks like at Oradian’s global headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia. She also shared her views on Oradian’s values and culture as well as life in Croatia’s capital.

Where are you from and how long have you been here? 

I am half French and half Ecuadorian, and I moved to Zagreb four months ago, after having worked for Oradian in the Philippines for more than a year.

What attracted you to apply to a job at Oradian’s HQ in Zagreb?

Having studied Finance and Management, I was looking for a role where I could help provide proper tools to institutions focused on financial inclusion across the world. At first, when looking for work in microfinance, I found a job opening at Oradian’s office in the Philippines on Microfinancegateway.org. I never thought of going there, but then thought ‘Why not?’. I knew I wanted to be closer to Europe in the long run, so Oradian’s headquarters in Zagreb seemed like the perfect next step. The rest is history!

What is your current role and what does a typical day at Oradian look like for you? 

As a Training and Support Specialist, on a typical day, I answer our client’s queries and help them find solutions for any challenges they might be facing. I also provide support and training for Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system, Instafin. I help our implementation staff and other teams understand its functionalities and develop training material on new functionalities. Also, I occasionally help manage implementation projects, which is always both exciting and challenging.

What makes working at Oradian unique?

Oradian’s team is exceptionally dynamic, young, motivated and supportive of each other. The Oradian community is very multicultural, which allows you to learn about – and from – different cultures and professional backgrounds and broaden your mind. There is also chocolate everywhere.

What’s one thing about living in Zagreb or Croatia that you didn’t expect?

Telling acquaintances that I moved to Zagreb for work tends to raise eyebrows as it is uncommon and, in my opinion, a very underrated destination. Not only does Zagreb have an interesting and rich history and culture, it also offers a very welcoming combination of city life and nature. It has all the conveniences of a small capital and is just a flight away from major European cities. Also, Croatians may seem distant at first, but in reality, they are very empathetic and warm people.

Interested in joining Oradian’s multicultural team?

Oradian is a team of experts from a unique combination of industries: microfinance, financial inclusion, and technology. We are a global company with teams working in Zagreb, Croatia and in-market where our customers work. We represent 30 nationalities, brought together by our financial inclusion mission. To join us, see our job openings.