A typical day as Innovation and Change Manager at Oradian

Bernard Carr is our Innovation and Change Manager who joined Oradian’s global team in Zagreb six months ago. We asked him about his role at Oradian in serving the leaders of the global financial inclusion sector. We also spoke about Oradian’s approach to change and how the company nurtures the work-life balance of its team members being headquartered in the friendly capital of Croatia.

Where are you from and how long have you been living here? What attracted you to apply to a job at Oradian’s HQ in Zagreb?

I am from the UK but was living and working in Uganda prior to joining Oradian. I was actually planning to move back to the UK, however, I was looking for a role in an exciting organisation where I could really see my contribution to the growth of the company and Oradian certainly fitted the bill. In only the past six months that I’ve been working here, Oradian has grown from a start-up with around 60 employees to over 130.

Can you describe a typical day as Innovation and Change Manager at Oradian?

I am working to expand Oradian’s product offering so that we can help our customers grow. This means understanding what the financial institutions’ end-clients demand, as well as what our customers require to improve their efficiency. After that, it’s a matter of working through the product cycle to deliver new services.

How does your role here differ from your previous job(s)? What would you say makes working at Oradian unique?

The majority of my previous experience has been in large organisations where change is often met with resistance. At Oradian, everyone is open to new ideas and is willing to do what it takes to support the delivery of these. It’s often less of a case of “why should we” do something, more of a case of “why shouldn’t we”!

What’s one thing about living in Zagreb that you didn’t expect before moving here?

I didn’t know anything about Zagreb before moving here – having never been to Croatia before. It’s a beautiful city and everyone seems to speak English, which is very useful! Apart from that, I didn’t expect the mountain, Sljeme, to be so accessible – as a keen cyclist and runner, this is a beautiful place to explore during the weekends.

Meet Oradian’s multicultural team

Oradian is a team of experts from a unique combination of industries: microfinance, financial inclusion, and technology. We are a global company with teams working in Zagreb, Croatia and in-market where our customers work. We represent 30 nationalities, brought together by our financial inclusion mission. To see our job openings, visit our Vacancies page here.