Visionary MFIs and MFBs in Ghana are going digital. Are you a visionary?

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Our community of African financial institutions

Oradian is a financial inclusion company serving microfinance institutions and microfinance banks in West Africa and East Africa. Oradian delivers a cloud-based toolset that enables your digital transformation so you can:

1. Become more efficient
2. Know and control your portfolio
3. Serve more clients

Join us now and start growing your business

DEC, a Nigerian MFI, joined Oradian’s global community in 2013 and grew 30% in three years. As DEC’s IT Manager Atiku Usman said, “After a successful pilot project was completed in 2013, we started rolling out Oradian at all of our branches. The implementation process ran smoothly and quickly. With our previous technology partner, it took five years to complete implementation at 25 branches. With Oradian, in less than two years, all 90 of our branches were up and running.”