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Instafin from Oradian is the cloud-based core banking platform designed to help you grow 

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    Instafin lets you:


    Find new customers and keep your current ones longer.


    See exactly what’s going on across your business in real time.


    Find new efficiencies by automating manual tasks.


    Innovate faster than you dreamed possible to stay ahead of the competition.

    Instafin is for organisations like yours

    In the Philippines and 11 more countries with rural and remote areas to reach, financing companies, lending companies, rural banks, and microfinance institutions are turning to Instafin to power their operations. Why? Because Instafin is designed and built for their needs. 


    What makes Instafin so powerful?


    No need to buy or maintain servers and infrastructure. Our cloud service is fast, secure, and grows with you.


    We’re constantly making improvements and adding new features. And because Instafin is in the cloud, you get them automatically.


    Quick and easy to set up, configure, and change. Customise at the flick of a switch.


    Designed to work for your customers even in remote and rural areas. Works with 2G.


    Instant updates mean every transaction is immediately visible throughout the system. Reassuring for your customers and powerful for your managers


    Use only the elements you need and plug in any third-party applications you want to use using our powerful APIs.


    Our simple, subscription-based model means economical pricing and costs you can predict.


    You probably won’t need it much because Instafin is simple and intuitive to use, but our Manila support team is always here to help you, and help you grow.

    Cantilan takes to the cloud

    15 regulated financial institutions in the Philippines are already using Instafin to help grow their businesses. Of these, Cantilan Bank was the first in the Philippines to use cloud technology to deliver digital financial services. Tanya Hotchkiss, Executive Managing Director of Cantilan Bank, explains how cloud technology has helped transform their business

    You are in great company

    Oradian is already helping more than 80 financial institutions in 12 countries. To ensure Instafin meets the specific needs of the Philippine financial market, we’ve been working closely with a wide range of businesses and banks. Our support team based in Manila is always on hand to help you transform your business.

    Global financial institutions
    12 different markets
    1 %
    average loan processing efficiency increase

    RAFI Chairman

    Mikel Alberto Aboitiz

    “To be able to successfully expand outside the Visayas, we needed to strengthen our operational processes. Through subscription to Oradian Instafin and  deployment of this proven system we made sure that our clients get the services they deserve.”

    Cantilan Bank, Inc.

    Executive Vice President

    “What we found in Oradian is a strategic partnership that will help lead us toward our sustainable growth.”

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