Creditville West African Awards 2021

The accolades just keep rolling in! 

The team at Oradian was ecstatic to hear that the Creditville team has just won not one, but TWO leading titles at the recent West Africa Innovation Awards 2021: 

  • “Africa’s most Innovative Lending Service Brand of the Year” and; 
  • “Most Admired Consumer Finance and Investment Company of the Year” 

Organized by Africa Brands Media, West Africa Innovation Awards 2021 is Africa’s top fintech innovation event, forging up-and-coming companies into recognized industry leaders. To be perfectly honest, it was not much of a surprise to us at Oradian looking back at the stellar growth of Creditville despite the full Pandemic market environment – while we feel very, very proud of our client. It comes as a continuation of our partners reaping the most important rewards in the world of finance and technology, recent one from Asia with Cantilan Bank winning “The NorthStar Impact Award” at the Inaugural APIX Awards at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2021. 

Oradian must be doing something right since we humbly turn the cogs of the core machinery that enabled such market success.  

So what are the ingredients of these “overnight success stories”, what does it take to be recognize a true leader in the world of inclusion finance? 

Why does Oradian feel the pride and contributing to the success that brought this recognition? 

It all starts with true leadership that has a firm vision of how they want the inclusion market to look like, and are on a mission to change how it worked in the past. The leadership empowers the management to execute on this vision (starting today, not planned in the coming year). 

Once all stakeholders decide to make a move on the market opportunity and innovate through digital technology, you need true flexibility. Flexibility to take any digital channel, and use it to feed your aggressive new customer acquisition strategy. That flexibility, for successful financial institutions (regardless of the licence type and market focus), comes in the form of Open APIs on top of your core system. 

Those comprehensive APIs allow the team to tactically execute and focus on introducing innovative products that market desires, not worrying about technicalities, regulatory reporting, calculations and related (less exciting) complications.
Focus on the market impact, exciting services and execution brings these results. 

Today more than ever, reaching new customers affordably, on their terms (de-coupled from physical branches and contact)  and meeting their expectations FAST – is a pre-requisite. 

The basic elements for business success have been the same since the dawn of time – we just tend to over-complicate it by technology and procedures. If a provider offers a product that the market craves, does it in a less complicated way than the competition and does it quicker – market success comes on its own. Followed by the free word-of-mouth marketing, which helps a lot to fuel compounded growth. 

The difference from the past is something new though, it is the speed of change of desired products. Coupled with the ever-shrinking customer patience.  

Which brings us to the invisible basic ingredient of success – a flexible, reliable foundation. A core system to power your innovative ideas. An open central system that plugs into anything you have, or may have in the future. Once you have that reliability and confidence to innovate (while being sure that your house is in order) – sky is the limit. 

You can focus on following your North Star and hit the gas, not worrying about the details.

Because the market always follows the leaders. 

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