Delivering superior usability for microfinance banks in rural communities

According to the ISO 9241–11:2018 (Ergonomics of human-system interaction), usability is “the extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals, with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified user context”. Any system or device designed for use by people should be easy to use and easy to learn, while its instructions should be easy to remember.

woman using tablet do electronic fund transfer

Digital banking trends, widespread mobile phone ownership and changes in regulations are shaping the discussion leaders of microfinance banks are having to understand how to manage their daily operations in a way that leads to better client experience.

Usability of your microfinance bank’s core banking platform — the tool that all staff members use to perform almost all daily operations — is one factor that is frequently overlooked. However, usability is a determining factor in the success and efficiency of your daily operations.

When evaluating a core banking system, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How easy and efficient is this system or platform for my microfinance bank’s staff to use?
  2. Is it still usable when my field officers or I am in a place where there is no signal or Internet connection?
  3. How quickly can I get the most accurate and recent data about my clients’ activity?

As a leader of a microfinance bank, you need a core banking platform that will:

  1. Enable your team to get more work done in less time, while providing your clients with superior service
  2. Have the ability to use the platform when in remote areas with limited power and Internet connection, without being prone to down-time and lost opportunities

Save time for your financial institution with a user-friendly interface

Instafin’s user-friendly interface greatly helps  users to work more efficiently. By using Instafin, your MFB’s staff works faster and more accurately, saving time for other activities such as serving clients and expanding your institution’s customer base.

To support the need for MFBs to operate both faster and more efficiently, Instafin offers multiple user-friendly features which aim at saving time and improving performance:

  • Keyboard shortcuts configuration
  • Automatic printing of transaction receipts
  • Transaction confirmations sent by message
  • Bulk actions module which allow the approval of an unlimited number of transactions in a single click
  • Import of lists of transactions or creating products based on existing ones

Superior usability in low-bandwidth areas that cuts downtime 

In remote, hard-to-reach areas of Nigeria, electricity can often be a luxury. Knowing that our customers regularly face these issues, Oradian built Instafin so that it could work with offline capability and in that way, offer usability and business continuity to our customers. When building Instafin, Oradian’s team worked side-by-side with financial institutions in Nigeria to offer a highly intuitive user interface, optimised for day-to-day operations.

Instafin’s web version can be used on any device with any browser and an Internet connection. For field officers who work in areas without an Internet connection, the key functions of Instafin are available and accessible through an Android app with offline capability. The Instafin Field Officer App enables users to transact without an Internet connection.

Once your employee has Internet connection again – be it WiFi or mobile data, all transactions and actions that were processed in the field are automatically uploaded to Instafin and the platform is up-to-date.

field officer using device

Enabling your team to be digital and mobile

Any type of document such as photos, scanned documents, financial statements, and similar can be attached to a client’s profile and are accessible to the users with the appropriate access rights. This function is available even in remote areas with low bandwidth connection. Using a tablet or smartphone, the user can take a photo and then upload it to Instafin. Documents are then accessible in real-time from any location to other users with appropriate user rights.

Visionary financial institutions in Nigeria are looking for easy-to-use core banking platforms that will bring them operational efficiencies and growth. Are you ready to take the measures necessary to ensure your data is future-proof?