A typical day as Global Implementation Lead at Oradian

Nick Holme is Oradian’s Global Implementation Lead. We asked him about his role at Oradian in serving the leaders of the global financial inclusion sector.

Where are you from and how long have you been working at Oradian’s Zagreb HQ?

I’ve been working at Oradian’s headquarters in Zagreb since May 2018. Before relocating to Croatia, I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa – where I grew up.

I spent my early years near Kruger National Park, in a rural part of South Africa, on my family’s avocado farm. At a young age, I witnessed first hand financially excluded and poor rural communities.  

Why was the opportunity to lead a department of a company in its scale up phase attractive to you?

Scaling up is a specifically challenging phase because doing things a certain way in a small local business often does not apply to doing it across larger and different markets. Getting it right requires strategic foresight, being able to learn from mistakes, taking risks and a good deal of perseverance.

In addition, it is more interesting to solve problems knowing that the product is something bigger than yourself, something that will help people. Financial exclusion is an enormous global challenge, with still around two billion unbanked individuals around the world.

What’s the most important factor for you when deciding on a professional opportunity and did you find that at Oradian?

To grow, you need to experience adversity. A fintech startup in a foreign country pretty much ticks that box. If it’s easy, you aren’t going to grow and you’re selling yourself short. There’s no easy-button for overcoming the challenges that prevent universal access to financial services, especially in the most hard-to-to reach areas of the globe.

Last, but not least – what’s one thing that you didn’t expect about Zagreb before moving here?

It gets hot here! I thought that kind of heat was reserved for the equator, now I understand why everyone leaves for the sea side during August….. for survival purposes.

Meet Oradian’s multicultural team

Oradian is a team of experts from a unique combination of industries: microfinance, financial inclusion, and technology. We are a global company with teams working in Zagreb, Croatia and in-market where our customers work. We represent 30 nationalities, brought together by our financial inclusion mission. To see our job openings, visit our Vacancies page here.