Oradian hires its 100th team member in its mission to connect 100 million families to financial services

Oradian's FrontEnd Development team working in Zagreb

Oradian reached a new milestone in its transformation from a small European start-up to an international company by hiring our 100th team member in May 2018 to build, market and deliver fintech in frontier markets. Our continued recruitment accelerates our progress, in collaboration with our community of visionary financial institutions, toward our financial inclusion mission: to connect 100 million families to financial services in some of the most remote, hard-to-reach communities in the world.

Building a team to boost financial inclusion with fintech in frontier markets

Through our cloud-based toolset built for financial institutions working in frontier markets, Oradian enables our customers to become more efficient, grow and reach more clients – many of whom live on less than two dollars per day. The value that Oradian and our toolset delivers to our global community of customers has led to continued business development in eight countries across Southeast Asia and Africa.

Commenting on Oradian’s growth, Co-founder and CEO Antonio Separovic said, “Support from our investors has made our global expansion possible. With their continued support, we are able to make a real impact in the communities that our customers work in. Their investment in Oradian enables us to build our in-market teams and to go the extra mile to deliver value to our customers”.

Growing at an accelerating pace

Since Oradian’s founding in 2012 by four microfinance practitioners, Oradian’s team and community of customers has grown steadily year on year. Oradian expanded from the founding team of four to 50 individuals over the course of our first five years. Between June 2017 and May 2018, Oradian doubled from 50 to 100 individuals.

Today, Oradian has approximately 60 individuals working from its headquarters in Zagreb and 40 working in-market side-by-side with the microfinance institutions, microfinance banks, rural banks and cooperatives using our toolset, including our flagship core banking system Instafin.

Mihaela Smadilo, who joined Oradian as Head of Talent and Culture in November 2017, has led Oradian’s global recruitment efforts. Smadilo comments, “It’s important that we find top talent and bring these individuals on board to keep up with our customers’ demands. But what’s equally important is that our new team members share Oradian’s vision and mission. Our mission is central to everything we do. It’s what brings all of us – from 20 different countries – together and enables us to work in sync toward one common goal”.

Oradian's BackEnd Team working in Zagreb

Marko Elezovic, Oradian’s Head of Technology since 2016, has watched his Tech Team expand from a handful of individuals to a large team of QA Analysts and Engineers, Back End and Front End developers, DevOps and R&D engineers. Elezovic said, “My team aims to overcome the many challenges our customers face daily with easy-to-use technology. We believe the complexity of the system should be hidden with high-level abstractions, rather than interfering with user experience. Bringing new individuals on to our team has brought a slew of new ideas, as they are re-digesting the collective knowledge – this has made us aware of solutions that we didn’t see or were too close to see before”.

Continuing to expand globally

Oradian is continuing our recruitment efforts by on-boarding ten new team members per month in the year ahead to deliver fintech in frontier markets around the world. Oradian is recruiting top talent to join its team in Zagreb, Manila and Lagos in all six departments: Customer Success, Tech, Product, Operations, Talent and Culture and Customer Acquisition.

On 19-20 May, Team Leads from Oradian including Kresimir Antolic, Marko Elezovic, Ivana Jozic, Julian Oehrlein, Ivana Tomisic and Mihaela Smadilo will attend the Silicon Milk Roundabout in London, the job fair for tech professionals, to attract mission-driven developers, product and customer success managers.