Is your business suffering from downtime of your current banking system?

As a financial services provider, your business plays a critical role in your community. Your clients count on your business to deliver resources they rely on: their savings accounts, access to loans and credit, micro insurance, their lending history and records of their personal documents. The services that you deliver become even more important if there is a natural disaster or an emergency in your community.

Oradian guarantees 100% uptime so you can focus on achieving your business goals

With Oradian’s services, you strengthen your business continuity strategy – while dedicating less of your time and fewer of your resources on it.  Oradian takes care of key elements of your business continuity strategy, enabling you to focus on your core business and to know and control your portfolio.

All you need to worry about is ensuring Internet connectivity for your offices and branches. Oradian relieves you of your responsibilities to manage the following: a secondary data centre in a distant location, redundant infrastructure, data replication, data backup and backup restoration and service availability. Oradian guarantees 100% service availability, so you can operate without downtime.

infographic of three data centres

Oradian’s three data centres explained

1. Our primary data centre is where
  • Instafin is hosted in a secure environment
  • Your data is backed up, mitigating the risk of data corruption
  • Our Head Office and Security Team work in Croatia
2. Our secondary data centre is where
  • All data that is stored in the primary data centre is replicated
  • All critical infrastructure supporting Instafin is mirrored
  • Our services are switched if the primary data centre is affected
3. Our tertiary data centre is where
  • Oradian ensures that you never lose your data
  • Your data is secured and available, even if there’s natural disaster
  • Your data archive is stored, enabling point-in-time recovery
  • All data archives are encrypted and stored
  • Located on a different tectonic plate than our other data centres
ISO certification for data centres

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