Your journey through digital transformation

You are guided by our team of experts through each step of your digital transformation. Ready to grow your business?

Creating technology strategy

You and your team meets with Oradian specialists to understand your business, goals, challenges and opportunities. Together, we align your business strategy and your technology strategy to:

  • Save time and money by becoming more efficient
  • Make informed business decisions using real-time data
  • Grow and serve more clients, without incremental cost

Best practice audit of your business

To get ready for your digital transformation, we review your business’ processes and operations. Then we identify which areas of your business and which processes can be improved and how, using global best practice.

Planning your digital transformation roadmap

Together, we create a schedule that suits you and maps out the next steps in your digital transformation including:

  • Digitising your data and data migration
  • Assisting you to find the best available Internet provider
  • Training your staff
  • Implementing Instafin at your branches
  • Check-in and supporting your staff

Digitising your data

We work with you to go from spreadsheets and pen-and-paper to digital data. Your team works with our specialists to upload your data to Instafin, where it becomes useful and powerful.

Training and implementation

Oradian specialists train your team to confidently use Instafin and all of its functions. With your staff, we lead workshops at your branches. Within a few days, your team is equipped to efficiently and effectively use Instafin.

Check-in and 24/7 customer support

We routinely check-in with you and we are available whenever you need us for support, questions and training.

Ready to start your digital transformation and become more efficient?

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