You gain real business benefits through our platform

The Oradian platform enables you to grow and gain business benefits by becoming more efficient, making informed decisions and reaching more clients.

Efficiency with automatic, simplified administration

With more efficient operations, you reduce the time spent on manual processes. What used to take hours or days to complete now takes just a few minutes. And you reduce the time spent on administration by managing all operations through one central system, Instafin.

Informed decision-making with real-time data and reporting

You make informed decisions with accurate real-time reporting. In just a few clicks, you consolidate data from all your branches and create reports that follow best practice. No more end-of-the month processes, waiting for reports to be done manually. With Oradian, you have accurate on-time reports all of the time.

Reach more clients without incremental costs

You can grow and open new branches without incremental costs. Because our toolset is cloud-based, all you need at each branch is an Internet connect – no more upfront capital investment in servers and additional implementation.  Instead of long-term contracts, you pay as you go.  You access the full toolset with just one subscription.

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Ready to take advantage of Oradian’s real business benefits?

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