Fast, full-service implementation is the only way we work with customers.

Oradian takes enormous pride in our agile, full-service implementation. That’s why our implementation takes months rather than years, with our product ready-to-go from day one. That means you can complete your journey to the cloud with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business. 

Speed to market. 

We know that speed is everything when it comes to meeting shifts in your customers’ expectations. Oradian delivers implementation in record time. We recently worked with a large neobank, FairMoney, to implement, integrate and launch a new product on Oradian’s core banking system within four weeks. Within three months, they had over a million customers on the system. 

Our cloud-native core banking solution is designed to scale fast and so the quicker we can plug it in and get it going, the quicker you can start your scale up journey, launch new products, move into new markets and reach new customer segments. 

The full-service solution. 

We call our implementation “full-service” because we do everything in-house. We don’t pass our customers off to a third-party. We rely on our own experienced and qualified team based locally in the market in which our customers operate. 

Neither is our implementation process simply a one-size-fits-all model. Although the core product – carefully developed over several years – will work for any company from day one, we know our customers want a core banking system that works to their very particular requirements. 

That’s why our team works with yours to ensure that your new core banking system is configured and integrated according to your needs. We help you integrate existing systems and platforms and introduce new ones using open APIs.  

We’ll also enable and disable core modules as you require them, and we’ll share knowledge and training through our Oradian’s Champions programme to ensure you can continue to configure your core banking system over the coming years. 

This solution has certainly won its plaudits. When Oradian spent the Christmas and new year of 2019 implementing its system for Agribusiness Rural Bank of the Philippines, President and CEO Danny Boy Antonio considered the success to be down to “a great implementation team from Oradian. They worked very closely with my own team and we went live on time.” 

How the journey begins. 

Oradian follows a tried-and-tested methodology that has produced rapid and successful results across over 100 implementations. It is based on establishing a consensus between our implementation gurus and your own team:

      1. Initiation. 

We start with a kick off meeting with your dedicated project team to review all documentation and agree the project charter. 

      2. Analysis. 

Following detailed product and process requirement analysis, the Oradian team present their Improvements and Adjustments plan and sign off project scope. 

      3. Configuration. 

The Oradian team will build a full system configuration schematic and detailed specifications for custom API integrations. 

      4. Training. 

We undergo a comprehensive knowledge transfer program across all levels of the organisation as standard, including a ‘train the trainer’ program to create a network of Oradian champions within your business. 

       5. Testing. 

We conduct detailed testing to validate the Oradian setup, data integrity and migration plan before we engage with your teams to guide UAT. 

       6. Roll out. 

Migration of all data to the new Oradian system. Our team will ensure full ‘catch-up’ and will monitor transactions post-roll out before we agree project acceptance. 

        7. Handover to customer success. 

Your account manager oversees your entire success journey and will be with you for as long as you use the Oradian system. 

The Oradian journey continues. 

The implementation journey doesn’t end once the system is up and running. Rather, learning to use and configure your system is an ongoing process – after all, Oradian is designed to grow and adapt as your business scales. 

Your Oradian customer success manager is there every step of the way to oversee this journey; they are there to define goals and business milestones and help you configure your core banking system to meet them. 

We also share educational resources, training, and best practice to make sure you’re getting the most out of your core banking system.  

Oradian is constantly improving and adapting. Our core banking system is continually being developed and improved based on our customers’ feedback and input. 

For more information about implementation, download our free guide. 

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