Would you invest $150 a day to secure the future of your bank?

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What wouldn’t you give for the certainty of knowing that your business was secure and stable in these most turbulent of times? What would you be prepared to invest in  that peace of mind?

When a Rural Bank partners with Oradian’s Instafin online core banking, it gets a complete package, a one-stop solution for all their needs. There are no catches, no hidden additional costs. You get exactly what you pay for, and that is an efficient and secure core banking software with a dedicated team of experts to support it, 24/7. But most importantly, you get a long term partner with experience to guide and advise you through your growth.

We know how hard a decision like this can be to make. But you won’t regret it. No one who has made this transition with Oradian has. In fact, they have only benefited. We have helped countless rural banks and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) to migrate to our online core banking platform. We can answer all your concerns and closely guide you through the transition, step by step.

What are your other options? Well, there are a number, but be informed and keep you’re your eyes open, since many of those are far from great! Sure, there are loads of non-cloud banking solutions out there, which are considerably cheaper, but think about it… is that really the way to go? The beauty of Instafin is that all your bank’s transactions are managed centrally. That means that you can control your portfolio across each one of your branches, directly from your HQ. There is no doubt that this ability to access data immediately will increase your bank’s output and profitability. We have seen it happen with our clients, time and time again.

Our competitors might claim that Oradian is not exactly affordable, but we are inviting you to think about it differently. What if the investment was actually around $150 dollars a day for all the benefits this platform gives you? Think about it – is that expensive or actually great value for money for the many improved processes, reduced costs and the growth that you achieve. Growth in both new clients and loans. Oradian’s in-built services, open architecture and API interface will save you so much time and money… unlike its competitors. Let me explain how we’ve done it for the Banks that grow…

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