Thinking about relocating to Lagos?

Living in Lagos, one of the largest cities in Africa and a hotspot for international companies, is an unique experience for anyone who enjoys large, energetic cities with things happening 24/7. Nigerians and expats alike agree that Lagos has a lot to offer for those just starting their careers and for industry experts.

A growing tech hub

Nigeria is attracting attention from startups and international companies, including Facebook and Google. The city is poised to become Africa’s tech hub and to provide an abundance of professional opportunities within the fintech and financial inclusion industry.

Constant celebrations

Nigeria is known for its ‘owambe’ parties worldwide. Lagos is the owambe capital and they say, “No weekend is complete without owambe”. It is a festival and luxurious celebration with dancing, music, food and colours.

Friendly communities

Most people who live in or have visited Lagos say the best part of the city is the people. Lagosians, as people living in Lagos call themselves, have made a habit of being kind to newcomers and building tight-knit communities.

Beaches and nature

The chaos, traffic and energy of the city is balanced by a coastline of beautiful white sand beaches. You can escape the hustle of Lagos without going far, whether it is to a beach or one of Nigeria’s national parks.

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