Thinking about relocating to Manila?

Metro Manila is the ideal place for you and Oradian – especially for our Customer Acquisition and Customer Success teams – and individuals looking for their next career opportunity. Living in Manila makes it possible to have constant contact with our customers throughout the Philippines, while providing our team with an exciting lifestyle.

An international city

Metro Manila is a patchwork of communities from all over the world – everywhere from the US, to France, to the provinces of the Philippines and everywhere in between. You can find all kinds of cuisines and events, tailored to an international crowd.

A chaotic blend of cultures

You can see elements of the Philippines’ history shine through in everyday life. The mosaic of international influence is glued together by a strong traditional Filipino culture, making a blend of cultures, ways of doing business and languages that you can’t find anywhere else.

Gateway to Southeast Asia

From Manila, you can easily travel to many other Southeast Asian hubs. Manila is a great home base for those who like adventure and visiting places off the beaten path.

Nightlife and entertainment

Manila is known for its live music and concerts, vibrant dance clubs and busy bars. If you enjoy high-energy weekends with late nights, you will find no shortage of fun in Manila.

Are you ready to move to Manila and work for Oradian?

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