Thinking about relocating to Zagreb?

Being headquartered in Zagreb offers a high-quality lifestyle for our team – Croatians and expats alike. From safety to local traditions, living in Zagreb offers it all for families and professionals.

Quick and easy transportation

Zagreb is a city with nearly one million residents, without the big city traffic. Whether you choose the tram, bus, train or taxi, you can be anywhere in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Nature at its best

Mountains, parks and lakes – it is all within the city. And when you really want to get away, Zagreb is only few hours from the Adriatic coastline and ski resorts.

Food, food and more food

Just minutes from Oradian’s head office, you have it all: local traditional favourites, like štrukli and sarma, top-notch international cuisines and a famous open air fresh food market.

Croatian coffee culture

The most common thing that you will hear from Croatian colleagues is “Ajmo na kavu!” which means, “Let’s go for coffee”. If you love having good cup of coffee with friends, Zagreb is definitely your place.

Year-round entertainment

In the summer, you can enjoy events in Upper Town while listening to live music or checking out the local art scene. In winter, you are minutes from the “Best European Christmas Market” with ice skating, outdoor concerts and thousand of happy faces.


Zagreb’s safe, tight-knit communities make it an ideal place for both families and young professionals.

Are you ready to move to Zagreb for your next opportunity?

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