Oradian experts helping Rural Banks: How to design a perfect Loan Product

Designing Loan Products that the market desires is one of the secret arts of banking. Yet, most of the banks offer standardized, one-size fits all loans that actually raise the risks of repayment.

Should this be the case? Is there a logic or a framework to offer customers what they really want, while lowering the risk?

Does a larger product portfolio introduce too much operational complexity?

Is there a secret formula that can ensure market success with simple product modifications?

Find out the logic and the answers below, while also learning about the pre-requisites to launch tailored new products fast – a flexible Core Banking System, to provide all the decision making data in real time, is a must.

Oradian is not only a financial technology provider, we are vested in our client’s success – which is why constant business advisory is part of the service we deliver. Scale and visibility into what works and what does not help us deliver the tactical guidance.

Get the FULL guide on how to design a perfect Loan Product