Make right decisions with real-time reporting or jeopardize your business

Oradian’s core banking platform enables financial institutions to streamline their reporting processes. Custom reporting feature makes it easier for you to submit any financial statement on time and in the correct format. Oradian enables you to quickly create reports in the following ways:

  • Standard reports: Oradian’s reporting module offers more than 50 standard reports. In just one click, Oradian’s reporting module creates the standard report for you using accurate, real-time data.
  • Accounting standards: All of Oradian’s accounting reports are built with standard accounting principles. You have ready-made reports that follow GAAP and IFRS.
  • Customised reports: Through Oradian’s platform, you can create customised reports. Custom reporting enables you to create reports with more specific information. All reports can be exported to Excel as a spreadsheet. In Excel, you can analyse the data and set filters to present the data as you need. This spreadsheet can be uploaded as a template to Oradian’s core banking platform. It is then saved a custom report and is available at all times without configuring it again.

Example of dynamic report

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