Needle in a haystack: How smart banks locate their clients in remote rural areas with GPS precision

A loan officer that joined the Rural financial institution recently was going crazy locating a client that requested a new loan. He just inherited a batch of existing clients in a remote village from a previous colleague – and of course there were no street names or numbers there.

The clients sounded so enthusiastic on the phone, he knew he was going to close that business fast – but how to find them? Like a needle in a haystack – so close you can touch it, but so remote. Hours went by before he got hold of them, wasted costly hours.

We all know instinctively that one of the biggest business opportunities lies in serving remote clients. Clients that do not have 5 different financing options just in front of their doorstep. Clients in places where streets have no name, no address or number.

Oradian stepped up and found a smart way to locate each possible loan prospect, even in remotest jungle, a remote barangay with possibly one house. Even without an internet access.

Find out now how Oradian helped a financial institution capture the full business opportunity of serving remote rural areas. It is remarkably simple – you can do it today!

Get the FULL guide on what is the smart way to locate each possible loan prospect