New round of funding fuels expansion across markets and continents

Oradian founders

At the end of 2017, financial inclusion company Oradian secured a substantial round of funding to enable it to reach its mission of enabling financial institutions to grow and serve more clients. Oradian built upon its strong base of investors including Playfair Capital, Day One CapitalCRE Venture Capital, Finance in Motion and Credo Ventures by introducing two new investors: Goodwell Investments and Middleton Enterprises. Middleton Enterprises focuses on economic development inthe UK and Goodwell Investments focuses on financial inclusion, fintech and inclusive growth.

With a growing funding base, Oradian will expand its footprint in Southeast Asia to meet the demand for cloud-based banking platforms for financial institutions. Oradian entered the Philippine market in June 2017 and has since built a community of over 30 institutions.
Oradian’s customers are visionary cooperatives, rural banks, microfinance institutions, and lending companies providing access to financial services in some of the most remote, hard-to-reach communities in the world. The new funding will enable Oradian to continue building strong, strategic partnerships.
Also in 2017, Oradian became the first cloud-based banking platform approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the central bank in the Philippines, for rural banks’ core banking operations. With approval from the central bank, the Asian Development Bank, Cantilan Bank and Oradian forged a partnership to boost financial inclusion in vulnerable communities.

Strategic partnerships are the most effective way  to enable customers to provide better service

As Co-founder and CEO Antonio Separovic said, “Strategic partnerships within the digital ecosystem are proving to be the most effective way to enable our customers to provide better service to their end-clients”.

With Oradian’s cloud-based technology, financial institutions in the Philippines and Southeast Asia are mitigating geohazard risks and protecting their clients’ data by moving away from on premise systems.

Simultaneous to its growth in Southeast Asia, Oradian is quickly achieving its financial inclusion goalsin Africa. In November 2017, Oradian was invited to the European Commission’s SEC2Africa (Startup Europe Comes to Africa) in Ethiopia as one of the top fifty tech companies with in-market teams to foster connections with the African digital ecosystem.

This round of funding will also support the growth of Oradian’s team. At its headquarters in Croatia, Oradian is aggressively recruiting professionals to join its Technology, Customer Excellence, Customer Support, Communications, Talent and Culture teams. Oradian expects to double its headcount within the next year.