Oradian Community Summit

2021 JUNE 9-10

2021 JUNE 9-10

Fintech Meets Lending:
The Knowledge Flow

The global event is just around the corner, and we would love to see you join us. It is the best place to meet and learn, get exclusive time with experts, and absorb insights from real-world examples.


50 People


2021 JUNE 9-10


11 Professionals

Keynote Speakers

With expert panels to cover all the burning topics, we are proud to host the best speaker line-up:

Charles Y. Hotchkiss

Brigadier General

Brigit Helms

Brigit Helms

Financial Inclusion Expert and Advisor, Executive Director at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Hugh Sinclair

Consultant, Author of ‘Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic’, Senior Advisor & Board Director

Marin Bezić

VP Planning and Strategy Implementation at Infobip

Shane Hermans

CEO and Founder, Geniusto International LTD

Ivan Mortimer-Schutts

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank Group

About Oradian Community Summit

This year’s Oradian Community Summit “Fintech Meets Lending: The Knowledge Flow” is an event dedicated to providing you with the knowledge of how to improve your business and drive the results you’ve always wanted. Here’s what you can expect: 

– Access for All: Building Inclusive Economic Systems, followed by a Q&A


– Leaders discussing how they have made the bold decisions to create opportunity and why there is no better time than now to overtake the competition


– A discussion with two leading Fintechs, learning from the experts in the field of digital transformation

– Other stories and knowledge sharing from our customers.