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We deliver a cloud-based core banking platform Instafin that enables your financial institution. Ready to grow with us?

 Instafin, cloud-based banking platform

Your financial institution taps into global best practice with Instafin, Oradian’s cloud-base core banking platform. Instafin is an all-in-one platform for all your operations. With it you can manage all of your operations from one easy-to-use dashboard including:

Our platform is designed to work with low Internet connection speeds, enabling you to serve clients in rural areas with limited network bandwidth. Instafin enables your financial institution to digitise operations and work more efficiently in remote communities.

Additional Services

Instafin Messaging

To strengthen your relationships with your clients, we offer Instafin Messaging as an additional service. You can remind your clients about payments and notify them when disbursements, deposits and withdrawals are made through various channels, including SMS.

Instafin Field Officer app

To improve your field officers’ ability to serve your clients efficiently, we offer Instafin Field Officer app. Your field officers can download the app to work digitally in the field, while travelling and during their meetings with new and current clients.

Training and implementation

Your team spends time with Oradian’s team every step of the way – from implementation to training sessions and routine check-ins. We work with you to implement Instafin across all your institution’s branches, configure its settings and train your team to confidently use Instafin for all operations.

Automatic updates

When a customer comes to us with a challenge, we develop a solution. Then Instafin is updated with the solution for all customers – automatically, with no extra cost.  Because Instafin is cloud-based, we can update Instafin immediately for all customers. You always have the most up-to-date, advanced platform.

Secure data storage

We enable you to enhance your security and business continuity. Through Instafin, you are storing your business’ and your clients’ data in the most secure data centres in Europe with NATO and EU security clearance certificates. You reduce the risk of losing client data to security breaches and geohazards.

24/7 customer support

We are available 24/7 and our in-market teams provide local support if you need it. You also have contact with our headquarters and technology team at the click of a button.

Global community

You become part of a global community of visionary financial institutions. We enable collaboration and shared learning. You have access to additional training programs, educational workshops and events.

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