Oradian’s story – a fintech company in frontier markets

Oradian was founded in 2012 by financial inclusion practitioners and fintech experts who spent years observing cooperatives, microfinance institutions (MFIs), microfinance banks (MFBs), rural banks and Saccos struggle to grow with the rigid technology available.

Oradian’s founders came together with a common mission: to create the tools for financial inclusion and to make them accessible to all financial institutions.

How we built our toolset for financial inclusion

Oradian’s founding team created Oradian’s cloud-based toolset side by side with MFIs, MFBs and Saccos in a rural region of northern Nigeria. We built the toolset where our customers work to identify and address the challenges that they face. Oradian continues to improve our platform and roll out automatic updates to all customers, delivering new value and new opportunities.

Award-winning fintech company

Since 2012, Oradian has earned international awards and recognition for leading financial inclusion in frontier markets and building the fintech platform that the industry needs.

Oradian awards timeline

Oradian's list of awards

Oradian today

Today, Oradian serves a global community of financial institutions in Southeast Asia and Africa including MFIs, MFBs, rural banks, credit unions, cooperatives, Saccos and financing companies.

Oradian receiving an award at European Fintech Awards Ceremony

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