Interview with Vice President of ASHI, a microfinance institution scaling using Oradian’s cloud-based banking platform

Estrella Andres, Vice President of ASHI, was prompted to realign ASHI’s IT strategy when ASHI set new goals for growth: number of branches, number of clients served, community coverage and an updated list of services offered.

In 2017, after due diligence and consulting with Oradian’s Business Development Managers, ASHI migrated their entire operations to Instafin, Oradian’s cloud-based core banking platform. Before the end of 2018, ASHI had not only digitised all its branches, but opened eight new branches using Oradian’s platform.

Oradian: What are the business benefits ASHI saw after shifting to the Oradian platform?

Estrella Andres: The biggest business benefit that we experienced after transitioning to the Oradian platform was the ability to make better decisions. Data became easily accessible — anytime, anywhere — for all levels of management. Our IT department became more efficient, too. These changes to the way we operate have been transformational because using Oradian’s services, we can completely focus on the financial and other social services we provide to our clients.

Oradian: What are the financial and operational savings you are making with Oradian?

Ms. Andres: Our field officers have more time for our clients now. Before, they found it difficult to balance the daily collection, but now, they don’t need to spend time computing using a calculator. When our field staff simply opens Instafin Field Officer app, all the data is already there. It’s very easy and fast, so our field officers are able to return home early. ASHI has found that field officers save 70% of time spent on collections and our office staff saves 90% of their typical data input time. This leads to tremendous cost savings and opportunity for growth.

Oradian: What is your favourite functionality of the platform and why? 

Ms. Andres: We have three favourites. One is the flexibility that we have for tracking our different loan products. The second is the integrated accounting functionality that has eliminated the need for us to use, buy or maintain additional accounting software. The third is Instafin Field Officer app. This is a mobile app built for our field officers who travel to remote communities to meet with our clients, provide financial services, collect repayments and find new clients.

Instafin Field Officer app is significantly improving our field officers’ productivity. Before, our field staff used to go to sleep after 2 am. Now they can go to sleep at normal hours and their quality of living has increased. In the case of our Branch Account Officers, they used to sleep two or three hours just to complete input of daily transactions, even having to wake up early the following day just to continue data processing. Now they don’t have to wake up early just to meet deadlines.

Oradian: Have you set new goals and objectives for the growth of ASHI after implementing Oradian’s cloud-based platform?

Ms. Andres: With accurate data, we’re able to access reliable consolidation reports that helped us in our strategic planning for 2020-2023. In this plan, our new vision is to be a community of servant leaders guiding marginalised families towards social transformation and prosperity. Our mission is to provide holistic approach to total human and environmental development. Our core values, which also form the acronym ASHI, are: Accountability, Social commitment, Human dignity and Integrity.

We set new goals and objectives for the growth and sustainability of ASHI. We could only have achieved this with Oradian’s platform and the continued value of know-how and best practices that the Oradian Community provides.

Watch Estrella Andres, Vice President of ASHI talk about the impact of Oradian’s services at Oradian’s Community Summit hosted in Manila in February 2019

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