RAFI Micro-finance launches Oradian’s cloud-based solution as core banking system

RAFI Micro-finance (RAFI-MFI), a program under the Micro-finance & Entrepreneurship focus area of RAFI (the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc.) has subscribed to the Oradian cloud-based platform. The Cebu-based microfinance institution is designed to empower women micro-entrepreneurs in the Visayas to become financially stable and independent. They do so by providing financial services, resources and knowledge on the different aspects of their end-customers’ business development.

The newly established partnership with Oradian is another step forward in realizing the vision RAFI had since its founding of “Touching People, Shaping the Future.” RAFI Micro-finance intends to further use this partnership to create self-employment opportunities for women by providing them access to financial services and engaging them in viable and environmentally sound economic enterprises. Implementing the Instafin platform is seen as another step in building up on that mission. Moreover, the solutions Oradian’s technology brings to the table are going to contribute working towards elevating lives through a comprehensive approach that champions best practices in community development for many years to come.

Dominica Chua, RAFI President & COO, is excited about the partnership yet never neglecting the hard work ahead necessary to implement change and improve the processes:

“The journey may not be that smooth but it depends on both of us, RAFI-MFI and Oradian, on how we’re going to go about this. In the end there’s always going to be lessons and that’s what matters”.

Riella Mae Guioguio, RAFI Vice President, CFO & Comptroller, is one of those within the organisation that champions innovation with a vision of the organisations’ core focus. Ms. Guioguio asserted that

“Doing this project, together with Oradian, it is all about implementing a new core banking system that will cater to the needs of RAFI-MFI’s diverse operations, expansion plans, and enhanced customer experience.”

Oradian leads and supports the onboarding effort at each stage of the process and it takes extensive steps through the digital transformation of their partners: from data migration, training and implementation, to routine check-ins and continuous improvement based on feedback. Oradian’s in-market team in the Philippines enables microfinance institutions to face the future with confidence.

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