Transforming your data into useful information with Oradian’s Business Intelligence function

According to Gartner’s IT Glossary, business intelligence is a term that encompasses, “the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimise decisions and performance”. To have business intelligence, which is essential for informed decision-making, your financial institution needs to have:

  1. Accurate, digitised data
  2. The ability to process this data into meaningful information

To use business intelligence for your business’ benefit, you need to make it a central part of the way you and your colleagues make decisions. Based on one of McKinsey’s studies on strategic decision making, leaders can be pulled away from objective data when making decisions by both distortion and deceptions 

Distortion is our tendency to be overly optimistic or overconfident when we are judging how likely a certain outcome is. Deception is when misleading information is provided to someone else. Deception can be unintentional or an intentional behaviour used to sway the decision for one’s own benefit. Both distortion and deception affect a leader’s ability to make smart decisions based on business intelligence.

As a leader of a financial institution, you make many critical decisions every single day that according to Forbes’ article on overcoming biases affect your:

  • Clients’ experience
  • Profitability
  • Team’s performance and morale
  • Long-term success

Through our core banking platform, Oradian enables you as a leader of a financial institution to access the business intelligence you need.

Providing accurate digitised data

You need to have digitised data to have business intelligence. Oradian’s team works with financial institutions around the world to get them to the point where they have accurate, real-time digitised data at their fingertips. This is a key part of a financial institution’s digital transformation which includes the following steps:

  • Migrating your data from notebooks, spreadsheets or a previous core banking system to Oradian’s platform
  • Cleaning the data to remove duplicate entries and errors
  • Verifying the data is accurate
  • Training your team how to digitally enter data

When a financial institution joins Oradian’s community of financial institutions, our Implementation Managers lead you and your team through this digital transformation process.  

Delivering the ability to generate business intelligence

After you have digitised data, you can generate business intelligence through Oradian’s core banking platform.

  • The Business Intelligence functionality enables you to create reports that provide the intelligence you need to make an informed decision.
  • You can create customised reports independently, at any time and without assistance from Oradian’s Customer Support team or without additional costs.
  • When creating customised reports, you define the settings and filters so you extract the data you need. 

You can also save your customised reports as templates. All reports can be exported in Excel formats. In Excel, you can analyse the data and set filters to present the data to fit your needs. Then this spreadsheet can be saved as a template and uploaded to Instafin where it is saved a custom report, available at all times without configuring it again. Graphs, charts and any types of pivot tables are supported by this module, as in any business intelligence tool.

With Oradian, you can create customised reports based on your unique business. You also have more than 50 standard reports readily available to you. The standard reports cover a range of business operations including:

Instafin’s summary reports  

  • Centre report
  • Client Status by branch and credit officer
  • Client Count by branch and credit officer
  • Transaction Summary by branch
  • Income and Expense by branch
  • Fee Report
  • Fee Payment report
  • Share Ownership report

Instafin’s deposit reports

  • Deposit Transaction Summary by branch and credit officer
  • Deposit Portfolio Summary by branch and credit officer
  • Fixed Deposit report
  • Deposit balance report
  • Deposit report
  • Withdrawal report
  • Deposit Portfolio Distribution

Instafin’s loan reports

  • Loan in Arrears by branch, credit officer, centre
  • Loan Portfolio by product, branch, credit officer, centre
  • Loan Status Count by branch and credit Officer
  • Disbursement report
  • Repayment report
  • Loan Account Maturity
  • Write-off report
  • Loans in Arrears report
  • Scheduled Repayment report
  • Disbursement Monthly Distribution

Instafin’s management reports  

  • Active loan report
  • Active deposit report
  • Written-off by branch
  • Branch Credit Performance Analysis
  • Credit Officer Performance
  • Portfolio at Risk
  • Portfolio at Risk by branch, product, credit officer and economical activity
  • Portfolio at Risk evolution
  • Loan Maturity Summary by branch
  • Loan Transaction Summary by branch, credit officer, centre
  • Ageing Analysis

Work with Oradian to make informed strategic decisions

In addition to helping you craft a technology strategy to address your business, goals, challenges and opportunities, through our platform and digital transformation Oradian can enable you to make more informed strategic decisions.

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