We are Oradian

We are a multi-disciplinary team with multiple areas of expertise  – each with the unique set of skills required to accomplish our financial inclusion mission.

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Customer Success

Our customer excellence team brings high touch to high tech by building lasting partnerships during and after implementation. They specialise in enabling our customers to take advantage of each Oradian tool, providing support and ongoing training while facilitating conversation within our community of financial institutions.

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Our developers are masters of code who create the tools that make global best practice accessible for financial institutions in frontier markets. They build and update Oradian’s cloud-based toolset to continuously deliver more value to our customers.

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Our world-class product team uses their knowledge of financial institutions to steer product development, delivering real business benefits to our customers. They build best practice into Oradian’s toolset, making it possible for our customers to keep up with industry standards.


Our operations team uses best practice to direct Oradian’s day-to-day operations and growth, managing everything from logistics to our financial strategy. Our operations team works with each area of the business to ensure that all of our departments work together as one.

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Talent and Culture

Our talent and culture team develops Oradian’s most valuable assets by creating a thriving workplace, where top talent can grow. Talent and Culture focuses on recruiting top talent, building internal processes and facilitating professional development. 

Oradian's employee at the computer with a customer

Customer Acquisition

Our sales team is a group of ambitious financial inclusion experts, leading the industry’s digital transformation by working one-on-one with financial institutions.  They specialise in aligning technology strategy with overall business strategy.

Our marketers use creativity, market knowledge and analytical skills to amplify Oradian’s position in-market and in the financial inclusion industry. They specialise in delivering Oradian’s message to financial institutions in hard-to-reach communities, using everything from conferences and events to social media and print ad.

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