What is cloud computing?

Cloud technology enables your financial institution to be ready for the future – at all times. Cloud technology or ‘the cloud’ enables you to mitigate the risks that your business faces, improve your data security, reduce your operating costs and cut your down-time.

Cloud computing happens through a network of data centres that are all connected to the Internet. These Internet-connected data centres can store software, programs and applications, like Facebook and Office 365.

Before cloud technology, your financial institution needed to store all of its software and applications on your computer through installation. With cloud technology, you no longer install software or applications. All you and your team needs to do is connect to the Internet to access the software and applications stored in the cloud. Cloud computing means that you are using software or applications that are connected to the Internet.

Financial institutions are now cloud computing

Visionary financial institutions around the world are moving to the cloud to make their operations more secure, more efficient and more affordable. Ready to join them?

Benefits that you gain when you move your financial institution to the cloud

You maximise security and reduce geohazard risks

With Oradian, your clients’ data is in one of the most secure data centres in Europe. All your data is backed up in two separate data centres in two different countries.

Storing your data off-site in Oradian’s secure data centres means that your clients’ data is less at-risk. In the case of a natural disaster in your community, you will not lose your clients’ data and you can help your clients recover with financial services like loans, access to their savings accounts and money transfer.

You reduce IT and operating costs

Buying and managing your own IT systems can quickly drain your budget. You must pay the direct costs of the hardware and software up front. Then, you pay the indirect costs: operating, maintaining and repairing the system every year. The cloud gives you access to the software you need, without investing in the rest.

You are always up-to-date

You get automatic updates at all of your branches for no extra cost. Oradian’s cloud-based software Instafin is instantly updated and rolled out to your business without any extra hassle for you. With the latest technology, you can always be ahead of your market.

You cut downtime

On average, microfinance institutions lose 15 days per year to system downtime and system failures. Because of Oradian’s data backups and routine tests, you have 99% uptime – guaranteed.

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Ready to take advantage of cloud technology and its business benefits?

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