Your blueprint for building your alternative delivery channels strategy

Financial institutions in the world’s most remote, hard-to-reach communities are enabling global financial inclusion by providing access to financial services ranging from loans for school fees to savings accounts and insurance. These financial institutions tend to be the only source of formal financial services available to individuals in their community. They are serving segments of the market that commercial banks do not or cannot reach.

Visionary financial institutions are pioneering the ultimate goal for modern financial services providers: fully digitised operations while maintaining face-to-face interactions with their clients. The blueprint for this goal of full digitisation begins with a robust, modern core banking platform. An institution’s core banking platform is the foundation for a full digital transformation.

One of the main business benefits of a modern core banking platform, in addition to access to real-time data and efficient digital operations, is the ability to build on it with digital financial services, alternative delivery channels and integrations. With a modern core banking platform, financial institutions can accelerate their journey to becoming a fully digitised institution.

Alternative delivery channels (ADCs) are one of the next, most impactful steps along the blueprint for full digitisation. ADCs, which are the ways financial institutions reach their clients with services beyond traditional brick-and-mortar branch, include ATMs, Internet banking, agency banking, mobile banking and e-wallets.

Financial institutions are integrating their core banking platform with alternative delivery channels to reach underserved clients, meet the demands of digitally savvy clients and expand their market presence – while becoming more operationally efficient.

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