About Oradian

Oradian was founded to enable financial businesses to reach more clients, move faster and unlock growth – to think bigger and go further.

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You grow, we grow.

At Oradian, we work with ambitious businesses that want to grow – and grow fast. We know it takes the right partners, people and technology to make it happen, and our advanced platform is designed to drive growth and performance for institutions that share our values.

Customer stories

Our Mission.

To boost financial services by enabling financial institutions to grow and serve more clients.

Our Vision.

A world where all financial institutions have the tools they need to serve their communities, provide access to financial services and reach more customers quickly.

Founding principles.



We provide best-in-class technology that is universally scalable and accessible at a variable subscription fee.



We add value by sharing with our customers the lessons we’ve learned serving the global financial world to enable them to accelerate their business growth.



We harness the power of connections by linking customers to each other, to other innovative services and to valuable stakeholders like development banks, investors and regulators.

Our story.

Oradian’s founders set out to build a platform that delivers the very latest in cutting-edge financial technology to a global audience.

We built a diverse global team with two core shared beliefs: Technology has the power to change the world, and our success hinges on our ability to empower our customers with our service.

Since the very beginning, this team has been driven by an obsession to design, build and deliver a leading technology platform that genuinely meets the needs of our customers wherever they are.

Meet our expert team

A customer growth philosophy.

Over our 10-year history, we have become an enabler for neobanks, digital lenders, fintechs and other financial institutions to scale rapidly and launch new products in emerging and growing markets.

Today, over 10 million people benefit from the Oradian system through more than 50 institutional customers across 12 countries.

Oradian’s growth is a reflection of the growth of our customers. Our business model centres on a core concept – you grow, we grow.

How our customers grow

Just getting started.

The demand for connectivity is growing across the world. Emerging economies and traditional financial institutions alike are opening up to the benefits of cloud-powered banking services.

At Oradian, we serve the next generation of forward-thinking financial institutions – those that want to grow quickly, deliver real and lasting change across multiple markets, and provide leading-edge digital experiences for their end clients.

We aren’t afraid to take on the real challenges facing financial institutions and their communities, to think bigger and go further.

Like our customers, we want to grow – and grow fast.

Nothing is more exciting than meeting people who share our vision and welcoming new skills, capabilities and perspectives to our team. We’re always looking for creative, dedicated people to join our team and help us realise our mission.

We’re hiring, so if you’re looking for your next big adventure, we’d like to hear from you.

Think bigger. Go further.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to one of our core banking experts.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to an Oradian core banking expert.


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