Cover each step of the loan workflow with our loan management system.

Automate your loan workflow and seamlessly process more loans and serve more clients faster and more efficiently, while cutting costs and increasing revenue with Oradian's loan management system.

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Unlock growth with an agile loan management system.

With Oradian’s loan management system, all the major steps of the loan workflow are digitised or automated including – but not limited to – creating new clients, application, evaluation, approval, release, collection, real-time reporting, accounting, and business intelligence.

Maximise operational efficiency.

Maximise operational efficiency.

An automated lending workflow relieves your staff from the cumbersome task of manual processing and paper handling. Upload all your documents without the need to go back to your branch or head office to transcribe the notes you took in the field. Digitalisation of your business operations also improves data accuracy by reducing human errors in transaction recording.

Boost performance with real-time data.

Boost performance with real-time data.

Using a cloud-based loan management system gives your team access to data in real-time, while enhancing collaboration and effectiveness amongst team members. Using Oradian, all digital assets, including photos, scanned documents, and collateral data is attached to a client’s profile and accessible to all system users. Any changes made to a client’s profile will be instantly visible to everyone.

Speed up approvals.

Speed up approvals.

Automation shortens your decision-making process and makes it less error prone by making all data available at any time on a single platform. Your team can access the platform from anywhere to assess, review and approve applications simultaneously, while the credit committee can also approve or decline loans.

Make your back-office processes more efficient.

Make your back-office processes more efficient.

Manual paperwork not only causes human error and consumes much of your team’s time. Oradian’s system stores all your files digitally, and backed up to mitigate any risks of data corruption, damage and loss while ensuring all your data is available to you at all time. Automated processes foster transparency, efficiency and improve your customer experience.

Increase your client-base to accelerate your growth.

Increase your client-base to accelerate your growth.

Create a database of contacts. Once in the field, loan officers can enter a prospect’s data directly into the system to facilitate the digital onboarding of new clients. A potential customer can later be easily upgraded to an existing customer while avoiding duplication of data entry and reduce time spent on manual processes.

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Understanding digital loan management systems

A digital loan management system (LMS) has rapidly become an essential part of the 21st century banking toolkit.

With digitalisation continuing apace across the financial services sector, high-growth lenders and the new wave of neobanks are increasingly turning to flexible and sophisticated lending software systems to give them unprecedented levels of control over their lending operations and customer lifecycles.

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