Development Exchange Centre (DEC)

How micro-finance institution DEC grew its client base 30% year-on-year and delivered financial inclusion to Nigerian women.

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With Oradian, DEC reduced its operating costs by over $52,000 annually and opened 26 new branches within three years.

  • Customer Development Exchange Centre (DEC)
  • Business Microfinance institution (MFI)
  • Location Nigeria
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About DEC

Development Exchange Centre (DEC) is a membership-based, non-profit organisation that provides social services and microfinance to communities and NGOs in Nigeria, with a focus on improving wellbeing and financial access to women. It was founded in 1987 and operates mainly in Nigeria’s northern region. 

The challenge.

DEC had already been successfully meeting its commitment to financial inclusion for thirty years, but growing instability in northern Nigeria began to worry both existing and potential customers.

Facing a client exodus and rising operating costs, DEC knew it had its work cut out to reduce its expenses so it could continue to grow its business and extend its reach into new communities. 


The solution.

CEO Titi Yakubu understood that DEC had to urgently reduce its operating costs across its 90 branches. Doing so would give it greater capacity to provide its valuable service to brand new communities, improving and opening new branches without incremental cost increases. 

However, of these branches, 44 relied entirely on pen and paper. This significantly drained DEC’s manpower, limiting its capacity to help its clients. 

Because Oradian’s digital management information system is entirely cloud based, all DEC had to do was equip these branches with laptops and modems, immediately connecting its overworked staff with a suite of easy-to-use digital tools. 

Oradian’s platform meant there was no need to invest in costly servers, on-premise systems, or any additional hardware for DEC’s other branches or headquarters.

The result.

Oradian’s platform helped DEC extend its reach and reduce its costs. By eliminating the need for expensive servers, constant electricity usage and time-consuming back-ups and maintenance, DEC reduced its IT expenses by an astonishing $52,000 annually.  

The extra cash resources this freed up could instead be used on opening 26 new branches within three years. With more branches, DEC could develop its presence in new, undeserved communities, ultimately increasing their client base by an incredible 200,000 individuals. 

With the help of Oradian, NOLT was able to submit its first CBN returns within the necessary time frame.
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Oradian has improved customer acquisition and customer service. It has also made it easier for us to scale our business. In one year we grew by 320%
Group Managing Director, Creditville, Nigeria
A fool-proof system that makes sure our clients get the service they deserve.
Head of Business Intelligence, RAFI Microfinance Inc, Philippines

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Come and see the future with us. Talk to one of our core banking experts.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to an Oradian core banking expert.


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