Cebu Archdiocesan Program for Self-Reliance (CAPS-R)

How Oradian’s core banking system helped CAPS-R lead the local recovery effort in the wake of Typhoon Odette.

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"For institutions that have the same mission as us, helping people alleviate poverty, it is important to have a resilient, adaptable approach to situations like those we have faced."

  • Customer Cebu Archdiocesan Program for Self-Reliance (CAPS-R)
  • Business Micro-finance Institution
  • Location The Philippines
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CAPS-R is a church-based microfinance institution providing financial support to communities on the island of Cebu, Philippines.

We spoke to Chief Operating Officer, Aster Gaboy about how Oradian’s cloud-based core banking platform has helped CAPS-R lead the local recovery after the devastating Typhoon Odette in December 2021.

Can you tell us a little about what made CAPS-R decide to move to the cloud with Oradian?

We have gone for digitalisation not only because it’s the trend of the industry today, but because we want to be a more effective and efficient institution that offers its products and services in a more convenient and timely manner.

What experience has CAPS-R previously had with typhoons before Odette hit the country?

We’ve experienced a lot of weather disturbances in the past, but in Cebu no-one will ever forget Typhoon Yolanda and Typhoon Odette. These were the two strongest ones we’ve encountered and the ones that brought extensive damages in the province.

So many people were unprepared for Typhoon Odette. Unlike Typhoon Yolanda, there was no massive information drive to alert the people of its danger. When Odette came it absolutely shocked people with its heavy rains, violent winds, and storm surges that caused landslides in so many areas in Cebu. It badly hit six of CAPS-R’s branches in the south of the island.

How has Oradian’s core banking system helped you recover from Typhoon Odette?

There was a massive blackout during and after Typhoon Odette, so in some affected areas there was no Internet connection for weeks or even months. We coordinated our operations with those branches with internet capability to print collection sheets for those without internet, to ensure the collections could go ahead.

In the immediate aftermath of Odette, we made an assessment of the damages suffered by our staff and members, and identified who was less affected and who was more severely affected to give them priority.

Oradian’s real-time data was very helpful in validating this during our assessment period. The dashboard data allowed us to monitor our members’ situations, such as who was not able to pay, or who had savings that they could withdraw to settle their accounts.

Is there something particularly you are proud of as an institution in this process of recovery?

I am so grateful for the flexibility of our management. Most of our staff and members worked hand-in-hand and made our collections better after Odette.

What advice would you give aspiring institutions that want to be active in your market?

For the institutions that have the same mission as us, helping people alleviate poverty, it is important to have a resilient, adaptable approach to situations like those we have faced. It’s also important to have a good management information system – if they want a better one they can inquire with the Oradian team and enjoy the features and benefits of this core banking system that have helped us in our present situation!

What are your plans for the short term?

In the first quarter of the year we’ve implemented paperless collection, which will save time, minimise expenses and make our field staff more productive when it comes to collections.


In the second quarter, we’re introducing cashless disbursement to help our members who are living in the more remote areas, improving accessibility in terms of transportation, and facilitating better loan releases in a more convenient way.


In the last quarter of this year, it’s Oradian’s messaging facility, which will help our members monitor their savings, loan repayments and loan releases.

If you would like to learn more about how Oradian can help your financial institution become more resilient, reliable and competitive with our cloud-based core banking system, contact us today for a free demo of our award-winning solution.

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