Cantilan Bank

In 2019, Cantilan Bank officially became the first BSP-certified financial institution to adopt Oradian’s advanced cloud-native core system. Speaking ahead of the five-year anniversary in January 2024, we asked Executive Vice President Tanya Hotchkiss to reflect on this fruitful relationship.

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“Oradian has occupied a critical role in our journey toward success.”

– Tanya Hotchkiss, Executive Vice President, Cantilan Bank

  • Customer Cantilan Bank
  • Business Rural bank
  • Location The Philippines

About Cantilan Bank.

Since it was established in 1980, Cantilan Bank has led the way in promoting financial inclusion across rural communities in the central and southern Philippines with its wide range of innovative financial services.

In 2019, it became the first BSP-certified financial institution to adopt a cloud-based core system when it partnered with Oradian, marking it as one of the most innovative rural banks in the Philippines.

Today, it delivers accessible products and financial inclusion initiatives to clients in Mindanao and the Visayas, improving the lives and livelihoods of underbanked communities.

What expectations did you have when you started this relationship with Oradian?

“We eagerly anticipated a productive partnership with Oradian that would enable us to reach our organisational goals and objectives. When we first initiated this collaboration with Oradian, we had several specific expectations in mind: this encompassed enhancing efficiency, adopting technological advancements, delivering superior customer service, fostering financial growth, expanding scalability, and reducing risks.”

How have you taken the business forward over the last few years?

“While there have been challenges along the way, our overall trajectory has been positive, and we’re excited about the opportunities and potential for continued success in the coming years. Over the past five years, our business has seen significant growth and positive developments.

“Expansion: We’ve expanded our operations into new markets and regions, which has contributed to our overall growth and reach.

“Product diversification: We’ve diversified our product and service offerings to meet changing customer demands and market trends.

“Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction levels have remained high, and we’ve received positive feedback and reviews from our clients.

“Innovation: We’ve continued to innovate and invest in new technologies, which has improved our efficiency and competitiveness.”

To what extent has technology driven that success?

“Technology has played a crucial role in our achievements, empowering us to work more efficiently, connect with customers effectively, base decisions on data, foster innovation, expand, and uphold a competitive edge in the market. Over recent years, technology has been instrumental in boosting our success, making a substantial impact in areas like operational efficiency, customer engagement, data-driven decision-making, product innovation, scalability, and maintaining our competitive advantage.”

What role has Oradian’s advanced core system played?

“Oradian has proven to be an invaluable partner on our path to success, equipping us with the essential technology, knowledge, and support necessary to enhance efficiency, foster growth, and achieve success within the financial sector. Their involvement has been pivotal in our accomplishments thus far. Oradian has occupied a critical role in our journey toward success, with their contributions significantly impacting key areas of our business such as technology integration, efficiency and automation, data management, scalability, customer service, and risk reduction.”

What are Cantilan Bank’s aims for the next five years?

“Over the next five years, our vision is to transform into a forward-looking financial institution that places the customer at the center, driving ongoing growth, innovation, and positive contributions to the communities we are dedicated to serving.”

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