Oradian completes implementation at Banco Alabang, Philippines

Increased efficiency, reduced costs, and a more competitive product offering follow the full implementation of Oradian's cloud banking system at Banco Alabang.

“The Oradian system has quickly replaced all our manual operations and reporting, saving us a lot of time and resources. Oradian has been improving our efficiency as we continue to grow.”

Shyr B. Gacias, President, Banco Alabang, Philippines.

Banco Alabang, Inc. is a rural bank serving remote communities in Calabarzon, National Capital Region (NCR), and Mindoro, Philippines. The Bank prides itself in supporting its 12,000 clients with access to various tailored financial products including motorcycle loans, SME loans, salary loans, and loans for agriculture machinery and expansion.

As their banking business continues to grow, the Management team at Banco Alabang realised they needed to consolidate their existing banking systems and turned to Oradian to integrate their cloud-based core banking platform for growing financial institutions.

We sat down with Shyr B. Gacias, President of the Bank, to know why Oradian was their partner of choice for growth and efficiency.

Q: What were the key factors you considered when choosing a core banking system for your business?

We put high importance on ease of implementation, data migration, and security. We needed a system that is robust enough that it could not be compromised. Likewise, we needed a sustainable solution, a system that could allow us to continue to test while we worked in parallel with live operations. But above all else, we were looking for a provider that unlocks the efficiencies we need for continuous growth.

Oradian was recommended by our sister companies, which have been using the Oradian system since 2018. As we conducted our due diligence on the system, we found that it satisfies the requirements of our business.

Q: What has been your experience of the implementation process with Oradian?

I can say that the implementation process was indeed exemplary. The Oradian team has been supportive throughout the process, from the beginning until the implementation was complete. We were able to continue our business as usual while we were migrating our systems. And that was important to us.

Q: Has the cost of the implementation been in line with your expectations?

In terms of cost, and based on our initial cost-benefit analysis, I can say that it was worth it. Oradian was able to help us reduce costs because of process streamlining, saving us manpower costs on manual processes previously. The costs incurred were within the expected budget presented to us initially.

Q: Now that Oradian is operational, what is your strategy for the future?

We aim to rapidly expand our customer base, and Oradian is an integral part of this plan.

For example, we will implement the loan origination system and migrate to an online application system allowing us to offer new products faster.

We acknowledge that there is high competition among banks in speed of loan processing, yet we believe that Oradian gives us a more efficient and more productive application that will enable the bank to serve more clients and provide them with better service.

If you’re interested in discovering how Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system can unlock growth for your business, get in touch with one of our business intelligence experts for a free overview of the Oradian system.

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