Oradian Custom Code: Configure your system for growth, speed and performance.

The dynamic financial services landscape is pushing institutions to rapidly adapt to evolving customer demands. This has made a flexible, extensible core system more valuable than ever as firms seek to deliver to a growing market.

The dynamic financial services landscape is pushing institutions to rapidly adapt to evolving customer demands. This has made a flexible, extensible core system more valuable than ever as firms seek to deliver to a growing market.

Rather than simply offering a one-size-fits-all solution, Oradian allows customers to extend the capabilities of their core system, and therefore meet the distinct needs of their customers, through an extra degree of customisation. We enable this through a new additional service: Oradian Custom Code°.

For developers, Oradian Custom Code° eliminates the familiar challenge of systems becoming complex and unwieldy through too many code changes, which in turn hinders growth. It allows firms to write their own behaviours to create highly customised reports, and to configure custom fields and tables for their unique data needs.

What is Oradian Custom Code°?

Oradian Custom Code° is the next step in Oradian’s commitment to extensible banking. It enables not just a basic level of low-code customisation, but it actually empowers users to introduce new processes to the system.

It does this with three core components:

  • External JARs: import Java Archive (JAR) files to extend Instafin’s capabilities and create highly customised solutions tailored to your unique use cases.
  • Formulas in dynamic reports: take control of your reporting capabilities by defining custom tags with specific expressions, leveraging a robust syntax with available operators and conditions.
  • Calculated expressions on custom fields/tables: define specific expressions in custom fields and tables.

What are JARs?

Customisation through external JARs is particularly important because it permits the creation of a truly extensible system, allowing users to write, upload, and execute code directly within the system.

External JARs let you upload and execute custom code to adjust existing processes in a way not supported by the system. It gives developers the option to write the code themselves directly inside the system, giving them access to the full domain model so they can influence any part of the system.

If you need to run a simple process, that’s fine outside the system, but if you want to make changes to existing processes, you need to run your own custom code. JARs make it easy to execute that custom code seamlessly.

For instance, one of our partners is using custom code to display a fee before creating a transaction. Using JARs they can implement and provide the definitions for calculating the fee, which is then used as part of a regular API, with the logic living contained in a single location, rather than spread around.

JARs can also extend the behaviour of APIs, introduce specialised daily or monthly processing, or customise specific behaviours such as minimum balance requirements.

What are the benefits of Oradian Custom Code°?

Oradian Custom Code° allows financial institutions to adapt their core system rapidly to changing market conditions and customer demands. Its flexible coding and no-code options allow users to extend the capabilities of their core system for their specific business needs:

  • Unlimited adaptability: enable near-unlimited customisations, allowing you to adapt your system to meet precise business needs and customer demands.
  • Tailored calculations: implement calculations to match your use cases.
  • Versatile functionality: expand APIs with new commands for various purposes, expanding the capabilities of your API integrations.
  • Advanced reporting: while existing Dynamic Reports offer extensive business intelligence capabilities, Oradian Custom Code° allows you to tailor formulas to your unique reporting needs.
  • No-code configuration: calculate expressions for capturing complex operations without tapping into low-level coding, ensuring alignment with their exact business requirements.

Oradian Custom Code° takes you further.

Oradian Custom Code° enhances Instafin’s off-the-shelf capabilities with seamless upgrades and customisation options without code forking, so the system can be heavily customised to meet specific business demands.

Our commitment to extensible banking means we recognise that adding extra layers of configurability and customisation ensures all our customers have the tools they need to promote growth, boost performance, and effortlessly scale using their core system.

To find out more, get in touch with our team.

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