Three key features for the perfect core system.

As your business grows, you need an advanced, configurable system that enables your business to seamlessly develop new products, deliver them to your clients, and expand your operations without any interruption to your business.

It can be hard to identify the right core system for your business amid a crowded field.

But as your business grows, you need an advanced, configurable system that enables your business to seamlessly develop new products, deliver them to your clients, and expand your operations without any interruption to your business.

Oradian does that. Our system is scalable, extensible, and built atop the most advanced technology on the market. This is what sets our core system apart from the competition:

1. An advanced core system.

At the core of Oradian’s offering is the most sophisticated technology on the market. Ours is a next generation core system designed for the smartest, tech enabled lenders looking to rapidly on-board new loan customers and deploy new lending products to the market.

Oradian’s cloud-first system is powered by an advanced technology stack that enables it to perform a vast array of business-critical functions, including:

  • Real-time data streaming with Push APIs
  • Real-time Dynamic Reporting
  • Security Controls and MFA
  • Custom Workflow
  • Custom Fields
  • Portfolio Accounting
  • Loan Origination
  • Loan and Deposit Product Engines
  • Loan Portfolio Management
  • Collections Management
  • Deposit Portfolio Management
  • Client Management
  • Administration Control Module.

2. Extensibility.

Extensible banking is all about extending the limits of your core system to meet the needs of your business, without getting bogged down in laborious coding.

We enable configuration with a low-code approach, rather than development-heavy customisation. That means we always have a single source code, with no forking.

That makes our core system simple and swift to configure without any coding knowledge, enabling your team to function independently and use the system as they desire.

Instead, users can change their system at the click of a button, choosing only the particular modules and features they need to configure a core system that meets their exact requirements.

Indeed, Oradian provides thousands of pre-defined fields from which to choose, but also permits users to add, configure, and remove additional fields across their core system using no-code custom fields. This allows them to gather information not included as standard in the off-the-shelf product.

Data gathered from these custom fields is structured in the database using Oradian’s sophisticated data array, meaning users can report on any field across their system seamlessly and efficiently, adding it to their custom reports and dashboards.

Furthermore, Oradian is powered by sophisticated open APIs that enable users to seamlessly integrate a whole range of third-party applications with their core system. These RESTful APIs permit integrations with anything from accounting software to messaging apps, giving users a near-infinite ability to configure their core system according to their critical business needs.

Despite this enormous potential for extensibility, Oradian’s core system works straight out of the box, with any configuration totally optional on the part of the user.

3. Scalability.

Oradian is built to scale as your business does, ensuring that your operations are never limited by the capabilities of your core system.

But our architecture is also designed with performance in mind. It will continue to operate at maximum efficiency even as your business scales to become larger and larger. That’s why we have a proven track record of supporting institutions as they grow on average by four times their previous size.

For instance, you can very easily increase the number of available accounts from ten thousand to ten million without having to worry about hardware, licences, capacity, and pre-planning your growth. You can simply focus on growth, while we take care of the performance.

Our architecture accommodates the growing needs of your business as you develop and deploy new products and on-board new loan customers.

To ensure this works seamlessly without interrupting your business, we continually upgrade and update services, and migrate databases using logical replication to ensure near-zero downtime.

Our architecture is multi-tenant and horizontally scaling, utilising an extremely efficient codebase to reduce the overall server footprint. This allows us to separate each of our customers within our data centres to guarantee maximum performance.

With no constraints on Oradian’s ability to grow and manage a large number of different customers at any one time, we can ensure the same for your business. There is simply no ceiling to your ability to scale and perform.

The answer is Oradian.

Oradian today empowers the 60+ leading institutions in 12 counties, powering fast growing financial leaders across Nigeria, the Philippines, and more.

The benefits of a flexible, extensible, configurable core system far outweigh any of the costs. By providing you with the tools to expand and the room the grow, Oradian powers your business now and far into the future.

To find out more, get in touch with us now.

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