The extensible core banking system.

Oradian's cloud-native core banking system drives growth and performance for financial institutions across 12 countries in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, serving over 10 million end users.

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Launch and scale, fast

Cloud-native core: The basis of modern banking.

To meet consumer expectations, you need to focus on providing excellent customer service, launching new products, and scaling rapidly – not on managing the backend of your banking systems.

Oradian’s modern core banking system makes this possible. By seamlessly integrating with your business through APIs, you can unlock automated lending, risk management, scoring, accounting, compliance, messaging, reporting, and more.

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Integrate through APIs

Powered by RESTful APIs, Oradian’s core banking system is built to scale as you scale. Universally extensible, the system is designed to allow for the addition of new features in real-time, and to be configured by you. 

Configure features without development time, evolve your user experience to stay ahead of the competition, and launch new products in record time.

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Market-leading features and support

Dynamic reporting
Custom fields
API first
Cloud native
High scalability
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Subscription pricing

At the heart of Oradian’s business is our flexible pricing model, based on a short contract subscription service.

Pay only for what you use, migrate, and implement with zero capital expenditure, and if you don’t want our services in the future, you are free to leave.

As you grow your operations, onboard new users and gain a bigger market share, we’re confident you’ll stay with Oradian.

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In-house implementation

With specialist teams in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa, Oradian’s cloud-native core banking system is purpose-built and optimised for financial institutions in emerging markets.

We work closely with our customers, handling implementations locally. We always deploy our own expert team, never outsourcing to third parties or consultancies.

This attention to detail ensures smoother transitions to a new loan management system, resulting in less confusion, faster project cycles, seamless communication, and the benefit of face-to-face meetings.

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Think bigger with extensible banking

Extend your products and services

Extend your products and services

Build out new features and improve customer experience easily using our robust and extensible core system.

Scale in the cloud

Scale in the cloud

Drastically reduce infrastructure costs and improve security with our infinitely scalable cloud architecture.

Develop products fast

Develop products fast

Launch new products in record time without the need for complex engineering work or restructuring your data.

Fully configurable

Fully configurable

Works out of the box with no coding required. Choose to deploy the core modules most relevant to your business or build bespoke services with custom fields.

Always in control

Always in control

See exactly what’s happening across your portfolio and identify growth opportunities with flexible, no-code custom reporting.

Always up to date

Always up to date

We’re constantly making improvements and adding new features - and you get everything automatically.

Backed up with expertise

Backed up with expertise

Our team has a wealth of experience implementing Oradian’s solution in a wide range of environments.

Quick to implement

Quick to implement

We pride ourselves on the speed at which we implement our system with our customers’ businesses.

Grow faster and stronger, together

Oradian’s core banking system is tailored for growing businesses. Our expert team is dedicated to unlocking its full potential, delivering commercial insights for your teams, and driving a significant improvement in your operational efficiency. Together, let's explore new possibilities for accelerating your business’ growth.

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110 %
increase in loan accounts.
78 %
more customers.
55 %
increase in active user volume.
60 %
more branches for banks.
With the help of Oradian, NOLT was able to submit its first CBN returns within the necessary time frame.
Nolt Finance
It's not just a vendor relationship. What we found in Oradian is a strategic partnership that will lead us to sustainable growth. It's simply not a transaction, it's a long term alliance.
Executive Managing Director, Cantilan Bank, Philippines
Oradian is an affordable tool that helps us be sustainable and compete with commercial banks.
Head of LAPO Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative, Nigeria
Oradian has improved customer acquisition and customer service. It has also made it easier for us to scale our business. In one year we grew by 320%
Group Managing Director, Creditville, Nigeria
A fool-proof system that makes sure our clients get the service they deserve.
Head of Business Intelligence, RAFI Microfinance Inc, Philippines

Think bigger. Go further.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to one of our core banking experts.

Come and see the future with us. Talk to an Oradian core banking expert.


19B Adeyemi Lawson Off McPherson Avenue Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria


48 Polaris Street Makati, Manila, Philippines


Hebrangova Ulica 32 Zagreb. Croatia
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