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Oradian is the global team of microfinance and technology experts behind Instafin, the world’s first core banking system designed especially for the microfinance industry. We are bringing global best practice to the industry using a simple subscription model that allows our customers to invest in their growth.

Our customers

Our customers create a global community of visionary institutions that are driving financial inclusion. Over 40 institutions in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Malawi and the Philippines are using Instafin to serve one million microfinance clients.

What they're saying




We are the solution to the challenges facing microfinance institutions around the globe. Our solution is designed specifically for financial inclusion by experienced practitioners. By virtue of being a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, we are aligning our incentives with those of our customers, creating a win-win scenario. We put the "Service" in Software-as-a-Service.



Our management information system for financial inclusion delivers the core banking needs to financial institutions worldwide.



Our technology platform allows Oradian to grow and provide new functionality quickly and easily for our customers.



Our service to assist customers in the best uses of technology and guide them through the implementation process.


Core Microfinance


Instafin is the world's first true Core Microfinance System. Drawing on our deep understanding of the market and our customers, Instafin combines key functionality (administration, security, accounting, loan portfolio management, & deposit tracking) with state-of-the-art features in a user-centric and powerful way. With Instafin as the keystone, our customers can begin to reap the full benefit of the Oradian experience and to grow their businesses.



Enabling More

Nurturing Simplicity

We are creating the ecosystem for financial inclusion. Our philosophy is that technology should be a platform that nurtures both our customers as well as a vibrant 3rd Party marketplace of solution providers. The Oradian Ecosystem is designed to allow management to tailor the features available according to their specific requirements. The Oradian Ecosystem is how we will grow and change for our customers - now and into the future.



and so much more

At Oradian, we believe that technology is a means to an end but not the goal. We build solutions to problems, but often our customers need help defining which problems require attention. Our team of operations and technology experts works with our customers to streamline their operations and define the best use of Oradian technology. Once selected, we steer the organisation through the implementation process, using time-tested training and change management processes.

Oradian Delivers Instafin



Together we grow

Guided by our Board of Advisors, our distinguished team of technologists, finance experts, economic development specialists and practitioners are busy creating a technology ecosystem to address the very real challenges facing our customers.


ANTONIO SEPAROVIC - Managing Director

Antonio's extensive professional experience includes sales, marketing and brand-management. He has been working with different softwares vendors within the financial inclusion arena for a decade and in over 20 countries. That experience drove Antonio's ambition to empower financial institutions, enabling them to leverage their data and not be hindered by technology. Antonio had a leading role in building the Oradian team and his vision is to deliver financial services through technology solutions that work for the billions who are underserved.

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JULIAN OEHRLEIN - Operations and Product

Julian worked with an early stage financial technology start-up for microfinance, before leaving to co-found Oradian to address challenges facing the financial inclusion industry. Previously, he gained experience in the world of microfinance at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and in the operations department of Ujjivan Financial Services in Bangalore, India. Julian holds a degree in International Business Administration from WHU - Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management.

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Andrew Mainhart
Andrew Mainhart

After a career spent developing technologies for Fortune 500 companies and US-based startups, he was appointed CIO of AMK, one of the largest microfinance organisations in Cambodia, beginning the path which led him to co-found Oradian. His 1999 white paper "MIS for Microfinance: An Evaluation Framework" is still the industry standard on the subject, and illustrates his authority in the sector.

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Bozidar Pavlovic
Božidar Pavlović

Bozidar is CEO and Board Member at Erste Group Card Processor, EGCP. He brings 15+ years of C-suite experience within the commercial/retail banking and payments industries. Much of his career has been spent focusing on emerging markets through financial sector development projects, primarily in payments and innovation.

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Brigit Helms
Dr. Brigit Helms

With 25+ years of experience pioneering innovative approaches to financial inclusion through enterprise and market-based solutions, Brigit has played many roles during her career: Senior Advisor with McKinsey & Co, CEO of Unitus, Head of Advisory Services (Indonesia) IFC, and founding member of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), the global centre of excellence in financial inclusion. She is the author of "Access for All".

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Esther Dyson
Esther Dyson

Esther is chairman of EDventure Holdings. Her primary activity is investing in and nurturing start-ups, with a recent focus on health care, human capital and aerospace. Overall, she is fascinated by new business models, new technologies and new markets (both economically and politically). She has a BA in economics from Harvard and was founding chairman of ICANN from 1998 to 2000. In addition, she wrote the best-selling, widely translated book Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age.

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Moaffak Ahmed
Moaffak Ahmed

Serial entrepreneur and hands-on early stage investor with over 20 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia. Co-founder of Trema, the global leader in software solutions for central banks and corporate treasuries of Fortune 500 companies, with clients including the European Central Bank, GE Capital, and Unilever.

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Pule Taukobong
Pule Taukobong

Pule is a Founding Partner of CRE Venture Capital. Previously, he was an Institutional Client Manager at Investec Asset Management (IAM) in New York. Prior to that, he was a Sales Manager responsible for New Business Development in IAM's Retail Sales Team in South Africa. Within Investec, Pule was also a Private Client Portfolio Manager and Wealth Manager. He graduated from the Durban University of Technology and is a Kauffman fellow.

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Credo Ventures
Credo Ventures

Credo is a venture capital company focused on early stage investments in Central and Eastern Europe. Credo’s mission is to identify and back the most interesting early stage companies in the region, support them in their growth plans, including expansion to the global market and help to achieve their objectives. Credo's industry focus is IT, Internet & health. credoventures.com

CRE Venture Capital
CRE Venture Capital

CRE Venture Capital invests and partners with visionary entrepreneurs in technology-enabled startup companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. “We bring the full arsenal of our capital, global relationships, and experience to position the teams we work with for outsized success”. cre.vc

Day One Capital
Day One Capital

Day One Capital launched the first institutional Business Angel Fund to operate in Hungary in 2011. “What sets the cooperative and inclusive Day One community apart from other venture capitalists is our keen interest in working closely with our partner entrepreneurs from day one. We not only put our capital, but also our experience and networks to good use to help our entrepreneurs to take their companies off the ground”. dayonecapital.com

Playfair Capital
Playfair Capital

Playfair Capital is a technology venture capital firm founded in 2011 by Federico Pirzio-Biroli. "From our London headquarters, we invest in tenacious entrepreneurs building technology that generates a quantum leap in the way people live, work, and play for the better. Fundamentally, we want to invest in companies that matter. playfaircapital.com




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