Years of growth: How Oradian takes you further.

Tech never stops, and here at Oradian we’ve been busy providing forward-thinking businesses with the banking and loan management systems of tomorrow. Is your business ready for 2023? Here’s how we can help. 

Growing as you grow. 

Oradian’s core banking system is designed to scale as you grow. Our own company success is tied intimately with yours, so we’ve been busy over the last few years ensuring our mutual success continues. 

Today Oradian has grown to serve over 10 million end users in 13 countries, with 30+ institutional customers in the Philippines alone. 

We believe it’s a testament to the dedication that has continued to inspire our work now and in the future.  

Extensibility and APIs power the banks of tomorrow. 

Over the last twelve months, Oradian has enhanced our commitment to providing our customers with near-infinite API integrations and a high level of low-code configurability to allow them to create the specific core banking or loan management experience they require. 

This is extensible banking. 

Extensibility complements an off-the-shelf tech product by allowing financial institutions to continue configuring their core banking system whenever they require new features and functions. 

That might be something as simple as using APIs to connect to third-party software like a messaging app, or to by integrating Oradian with pre-existing systems used by an institution before adopting our core banking system. 

At the core of extensible banking are advanced open APIs that provide near limitless connectivity, but also add features such as custom fields, which allow institutions to configure their own data inputs to collect the exact data they require without the need for updates or development. 

Custom fields are just one of the more recent innovations launched for Oradian’s system. 

Our growth comes from our customers’ successes. 

Oradian has developed new relationships with growing neobank FairMoney, and Filipino firms such as Banco Alabang, Esquire and Agribank. Our growing portfolio of digital banks, fintechs and MFIs represents the hard work of expert teams in Europe, Nigeria and the Philippines who are dedicated to helping Oradian customers go further. 

Not only have these relationships helped these institutions grow their client base and improve the service they deliver to their existing customers, but they have also used Oradian’s reliable cloud-based system to deal with truly difficult situations. 

CAPS-R, a church-based microfinance institution on the island of Cebu, was able to deliver urgent financial assistance to rural communities after the devastating Typhoon Odette at the end of 2021. Since Oradian’s cloud-based core banking system is not reliant on physical infrastructure, it was not affected by blackouts and power cuts in the storm’s aftermath.  

You can read case studies on our website to get a better of how Oradian works hard to take our customers further. 


In the financial services sector, collaboration is key. We don’t just work with our customers to deliver a world-class core banking system; we also build strategic partnerships with other financial and technology providers to further extend what our platform can do for you. 

One partnership formed recently has been with Geniusto, an Australia-based technology enabler for banks and credit unions, payment providers, remittance companies, and eMoney issuers. 

Originally, brought together by a mutual customer – the Philippines’ Cantilan Bank – Geniusto and Oradian have recently worked together to help Agribusiness Rural Bank launch a new mobile banking app, powered by advanced open APIs. 

Partnerships like these are integral: they help open even more doors to digital transformation for rural banks.  

Start your journey to the future today. 

Whatever changes to market conditions, regulatory demands, shifts in client expectations your business faces over the coming year, Oradian is here to help you build, scale and deliver. Contact us today for a no-obligation chat about your core banking or loan management system needs. 

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