How Oradian’s local knowledge gives our customer service an edge.

Oradian's large team in Manila is what sets us apart from some of our competitors in the Philippines. To understand more about how we use our local knowledge to better serve our customers in the Philippines, we spoke to some of our Manila colleagues.

Oradian has colleagues based all over the world, from London to Lagos – but our large team in Makati, Metro Manila, is what sets us apart from some of our competitors in the Philippines.

Our local knowledge helps us build deep relationships with key stakeholders across the market, including banks, regulators, technology firms, and other financial institutions – not just our own clients. This enables us to develop a holistic picture of the market and the firms and organisations working within it, and ultimately provide valuable insights into the market.

Many fintech providers are content to rely on third-party assistance to deliver support to their customers, rather than having a permanent presence in the markets they service.

Having a dedicated team of specialists in Manila, who are truly invested in the success and growth of our customers, means we can ensure our cloud-native core banking system is tailored to meet the needs of financial institutions across the diverse Philippines market.

To understand more about how we use our local knowledge to better serve our customers in the Philippines, we spoke to some of our local support team in Manila.

Shared values and shared knowledge.

Oradian’s team is Manila is a mix of expats and locals, each of whom brings specific specialist skills, knowledge, and expertise to the table, brought together by shared values.

For Customer Support Specialist Brian, those values include a real passion for working with our customers: “For me joining Oradian includes building a bond with the people I work with daily – both internally and externally. I love the feeling of resolving our customers’ concerns and hearing their gratitude and my impact on their business. I love feeling valued for my contributions no matter how small or simple they may be.”

Venz, our Marketing Events Manager, believes Oradian’s values were an important reason he chose to join our Manila team. “I joined Oradian because its goals and mission are aligned with mine,” he told us. “I was keen to join a company that carries the same values as me.”

Having such a dedicated local team in-market allows us to gain a deep, holistic understand of the Filipino market. That includes knowledge of BSP regulations, compliance, requirements, and cultural norms and customs that are specific to the different regions of the Philippines.

That kind of knowledge is the difference between sealing the deal with an important client and inadvertently offending them with a rude gesture or misused title of address. For Venz, who organises and manages events, understanding these cultural norms is vital to dealing one-on-one with potential attendees.

“When managing events or campaigns in a particular location or industry, having local expertise can help ensure that the event is tailored to our market and audience,” he said. “This can include understanding the local culture, customs, and language, as well as knowledge of the local regulations and requirements that need to be met.”

Another level of customer service.

For many of our clients, a high level of customer service is critical. Oradian prides itself on boasting a full-service customer success team available to deal with even the smallest query or complaint.

But having a local team in the Philippines, with employees able to travel across the country at short notice to serve our clients, gives our customer support team a particular edge.

This is because they are able to communicate directly with customers on their own terms, with an intimate knowledge of the product, their business, and the specific needs and challenges they face. This builds trust and confidence among customers, which is essential for the success of both provider and user.

For Brian, building strong relationships with our customers is among the most important and rewarding parts of his job. “What’s great about working with Oradian’s customers is that they offer diverse concerns that make every day unique,” he said.

“There are easy ones, and there are also challenging concerns, which in a way helps me grow and attain new knowledge about different subjects, whether directly related to our customer’s business practices, or something related like BSP regulations.”

Venz, meanwhile, believes his local knowledge gives him an edge when it comes to building relationships: “Local expertise and specialist knowledge helps me in my role to better understand and connect with our target audience, ensure compliance with local regulations, and build relationships with key stakeholders in the industry. For me, this is ultimately the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful event or campaign.”

Expertise matters.

Having this dedicated local team is essential to Oradian’s success. Our people provide an unparalleled understanding of the market, enabling them to react rapidly to customer needs and respond to new regulations and guidelines.

Our team knows what makes the Filipino economy tick, the challenges facing financial institutions, and what regulations, rules, and restrictions are being placed upon them by the BSP. The granular detail our team can provide is what helps us build such strong relationships with our customers.

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